Mobile Police Assist (MPA) products help law enforcement personnel do their work faster, smarter and safer with their BlackBerry hand held devices by bringing the sum of all police knowledge, data and assistance to your officers’ fingertips. Running on the RIM BES platform, our MPA products enhance officer capability in the field while making admin functions more efficient with the highest levels of security available. MPA products are used by thousands of law enforcement officers and support staff across Canada and the United Kingdom:

  • MPANiche mobile records, searches and data queries Niche RMS users
  • MPABeatlBlog lets groups collaborate using shared, secure briefings
  • MPATag geotags and timestamps for photos, videos, notes.
  • MPATrack GPS tracking for your officers are in real time

Coming Soon: Mobile Innovations is always on the move developing new product to keep pace with the changing world of law enforcement and to keep your agency one step ahead of the bad guys. Below are the products we’re working on right now.

MPAAdmin powerful Mobile management takes HQ anywhere

MPADictation dictate to get completed and verified reports and paperwork